Adult Workshops

Adult workshops in all media are scheduled in the Winter and Spring. Most of the workshops feature local instructors in their preferred media. Recent workshops have included abstract collage and acrylic, oil painting, water color, drawing, photography and ceramics. The workshops are generally two to four days. Many are on weekdays, but some are evening and weekends. Two or three times a year, we invite nationally and regionally well known artists to conduct special workshops that broaden the range of instruction.

Adult Workshops:

Oil Painting for Beginners

Cate Kauffman, Instructor
July 13 & 14, Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 3 pm
Maximum 6 students. Minimum 2 students
Oil painting is often considered to be both the “ultimate” way to paint and seems mysterious and incredibly messy. This beginner’s class will introduce you to basic techniques that will help you get off on the right foot and give you the opportunity to experience these wonderful paints without a lot of expense or struggle. Oils are both forgiving and challenging but are loved by many artists.
This beginner’s class will introduce you to the basic techniques of oil painting using the safest oil products on the market today. There are real oil paints, not water-soluble oils (which are a different product and require different materials and handling). 
On Day 1 we will cover the differences between painting surfaces, differences in different oil paint companies, toxic vs non-toxic paints and solvents, different kinds of oil brushes. We will discuss and demonstrate, and practice the difference between glazing and impasto painting, using a palette knife and how to stain your surface and why, terms like “fat over lean”,  and how to get your composition blocked out quickly. We will learn how to clean and store your brushes properly. 
On Day 2 we will cover the differences in mediums available, color mixing, and students will have the opportunity to use their stained surfaces to paint an actual painting. We will discuss transporting your wet paintings and how to store your completed paintings as well as studio organization and safety tips.
Receive material list when you register at the gallery. 
Members $80 / Non Members $90

Expressive Painting in Oil & Cold Wax Medium

Instructor: Lisa Boardwine
August 26 & 27, Monday & Tuesday, 10am - 4pm
Place: Dream Fields - Kilmarnock
Join us for a 2-day workshop to express your personal voice using oil and cold wax medium.
This is a beginner-to-intermediate workshop.
Introductory techniques, for oil & cold wax, will be demoed as needed, for those new to the medium.
This workshop is for artists who want to learn how to create a good foundation, texture, and layers with oil and cold wax and also for those who want to continue exploration into pushing your paintings further. An emphasis will be on creating paintings with powerful composition and unique color mixes. We will be working on panels and paper, doing various exercises to explore the concepts of sophisticated color mixes, good compositional design and what you want to express in your paintings! This workshop will offer discussions/demos, studio painting time, as well as individual critique concerning your own personal direction in your art making. A fun and informative workshop experience!
I suggest you bring pre-gessoed panels- 12”x12” to work on and a pad of Arches Oil Paper (9x12 or 12x16), also bring a yoga mat to cover floor under your table (safer than tarps).  We must protect the Dream Fields floors
Complete supply list will be provided upon registration.
Registration deadline- August 9th, 2019.
Members $295 / Non-Members $315

Watercolor Painting

Instructor: Doug Mock
Thursdays, June 6, July 11, August 1, 15, 22, 29 & September 5, 5:30 - 8:00pm
Do you have a busy summer full of vacations, family visits and long weekends...but still want to paint? You are in luck, Doug will offer classes on Thursday evenings throughout the summer. He prefers you sign up for at least 5 classes but understands if your schedule is just too any case join him for as many classes as your schedule will allow.
Ongoing painting instruction encourages personal growth, mastery of individual skills, and fosters a strong like-minded community of artists. During summer classes Doug will focus on controlling watercolor washes and techniques, using design elements and principles to build strong and meaningful compositions, planning for and mixing colors that work and on-going critiques of works in progress.
Open to all levels. Cost: 
6 sessions: Members $225 / Non-Members $255
5 sessions: Members $187.50 / Non-Members $212.50
4 sessions: Members $150 / Non-Members $170
3 sessions: Members $112.50 / Non-Members $127.50
2 sessions: Members $75 / Non-Members $85
1 session: Members $37.50 / Non-Members 42.50

Beginning Drawing

Instructor: Brenda M. Sylvia
September 11, 18 & 25, 10am - 3:00pm
“Drawing is vision on paper.” Andrew Loomis
No matter what medium you ultimately fall in love with, one of the basic skills every artist needs is the ability to draw. Even the most experienced painters can find it beneficial to work on their drawing skills. This class will not only help you develop your technical drawing skills but it will also improve your observational skills. We will begin the workshop learning the basics such as mark making, value, and creating form with using graphite pencils. Our exercises will include creating contour drawings, gesture drawings, and texture in your drawings. We will learn about composition, positive/negative space, perspective and proportions. As your skill increases we will experiment using more expressive lines within your drawings. Later on we will progress to trying out other drawing mediums such as pen and charcoal. You are encouraged to have a sketchbook for completing small homework assignments between classes. Brenda will provide a basic materials list and will supply some of the media we will try out in the later sessions. Artists are requested to arrive 15 minutes early for set up.
Members $140 / Non-Members $150