Adult Workshops

Adult workshops in all media are scheduled in the Spring and Fall. Most of the workshops feature local instructors in their preferred media. Recent workshops have included abstract collage and acrylic, oil painting, water color, drawing, photography and ceramics. The workshops are generally two to four days. Many are on weekdays, but some are evening and weekends. Two or three times a year, we invite nationally and regionally well known artists to conduct special workshops that broaden the range of instruction.

Upcoming Workshops

2017 Fall Workshops    description & registration information

Nantucket Wine Cooler

Instructor: Judy Penry, Sept 6 & 13, Wed, 10am- 3pm
Students will use an acrylic wine chiller as a mold. The chiller begins with a wooden base, dyed staves, and is woven with cane. There will be several twill pattern options to choose from as techniques and skills are learned to complete the basket.*Weaving homework will be required*
The basket will be completed in the 2nd class. This includes attaching the rim and lashing the basket.
Class size is limited to 6 students.
Material fee: $35 payable to the instructor
$100 members / $120 non-members

Moving and Shaking in Abstraction with Water-Media and Collage Workshop

Instructor: Eileen Olson, Sept 18 & Sept 19,10am - 4pm
Eileen will show you how to let loose and paint like you mean it!  In this expressive abstract workshop you will use instinct, passion and intuition as your guide. Free your self by working on several paintings at a time to keep yourself moving. Learn to use water-media boldly with good composition, strong values and vivid color. Paint over, layer and scrape, to create visual texture, depth, energy and emotion. Integrate collage for visual impact. Learn how to resolve a painting through self -critique. 
We will paint on 10”x10” sheets of paper pre-coated with gesso and graduate to a large canvas or panel on Sunday.
Bring your usual painting gear, an open mind, and lots of enthusiasm. There will be plenty of emphasis on creative thinking. Eileen will provide daily handouts and demos.
There is no pre-requisite for this workshop.
Students bring their own supplies. 
List provided upon registration
$190 members / $210 non-members

Fundamentals of Photography - Foto Lab: Exposure

Instructor: Bill Reckert, September 23, 9am-11am
In this, the first in a series of 2-hour, weekend, learn-by-doing foto labs with popular photography instructor Bill Reckert, you’ll photograph an object using each of your exposure and metering modes and compare the results. You’ll not only learn how to get good exposures using the right modes for your subject and your shooting conditions at the time, but to express your photographic vision. 
$40 members/$50 non-members

Family Stories Through Art

Instructor: Sharon Santillo, Sept 29 - Oct 1
Family Story Keepsake
For Teens: Sept. 29, Fri, 6:30 -8:30 pm
For Child & Adult Partner: Sept. 30, Sat 10am - 12pm
$25 plus $5 for materials for either workshop.
For Adults: Family Story Book
Sept. 30 & Oct 1, 1 - 6 pm
$145 plus $5 for materials.
Every family has stories. Some are tragic, some are funny, and some are just about ordinary life. Pick a story and come join us to make beautiful book or a collage keepsake of one of your stories. This is an art class using collage techniques and a writing class using art to lead writing. 
Sharon Santillo is an art teacher and certified instructor of Picture-Writing™ which is an art-and-literature-based model, developed at the University of New Hampshire, for teaching writing. In this model the art-making always precedes the writing and is the driver for finding a rich vocabulary, from which the writing follows naturally.
These workshops are for all ages and levels of art and language proficiency. Many adults are uncomfortable with art if they think they have to draw. But everyone can cut. After painting all these amazingly beautiful papers using a variety of texturing techniques, participants will cut and paste, constructing a story. No prerequisites just bring your stories and prepare for a transforming experience!

Street Portrait Photography 

Instructor: Glen McClure, Oct 13, 9am - 4pm
Learn how easy, rewarding, and FUN it is to make great photographs of people with Norfolk photographer Glen McClure. In this learn-by-doing workshop, we’ll pair up to practice Glen’s sure-fire techniques for relaxing subjects and using natural, reflected, and artificial light to make riveting outdoor portraits. Then, we’ll go outside as a group to learn how to approach people on the street and apply the techniques we perfected on each other to them. At the end of the day, we’ll share and review our images back at the RAL Art Center and watch how Glen puts the finishing touches on his own images in post processing. 
$150 members/$175 non-members

Bit of Color Basket

Instructor: Judy Penry, Oct 19, Thurs, 10am - 3pm
This is a fun basket to make for students of all skill levels.
The basket is made on a round 6” mold. Dyed and natural reed will be used to make this colorful basket. Changing the weave and adding additional colors gives an interesting effect to the basket. Class size is limited to 6 students.
Material fee: $15 payable to the instructor
$50 members / $60 non-members

Fabulous Color for Painters

Instructor: Adele Castillo
Oct 28 & 29, 10am - 5pm
Fabulous color.... We all love it, yet it can be confusing when it doesn’t work well. Students will begin by creating color wheels from the pigments they own, then we’ll explore color theory as we know it and compare it to the reality of how pigment actually works.
Each student will use a photo reference of their choosing or work from abstract design, and create several paintings using various palette options to see how color choices affect what we are trying to portray. Included in this conversation will be information about hue, value and chroma, plus ways to use the color wheel to organize and harmonize color families when deciding how to tweak a painting.
Fee includes canvas boards for paintings. Adele always brings extras of everything to supplement what students may not have. A suggested supply list will be available.
$190 members / $210 non-members