Adult Workshops

Adult workshops in all media are scheduled in the Winter and Spring. Most of the workshops feature local instructors in their preferred media. Recent workshops have included abstract collage and acrylic, oil painting, water color, drawing, photography and ceramics. The workshops are generally two to four days. Many are on weekdays, but some are evening and weekends. Two or three times a year, we invite nationally and regionally well known artists to conduct special workshops that broaden the range of instruction.

Adult Workshops:

Open Studio

Instructor: Brenda Sylvia
Wednesdays starting Jan 2, 6 - 8:30pm
Open to artists of all levels to work in any medium except oils (unless you are not using solvents with them).  A still life will be set up for working from life and you are welcome to bring your own objects or photographs to work from.  Bring your own materials and refreshments.  Tabletop easels will be provided.  RAL artist Brenda Sylvia will be available for instruction, encouragement, and demonstrations. Come join us to have fun with your art in a nourishing, supportive environment.
Please sign up in advance
Restricted to 11 artists per session.
Bring your own materials
$15 per night members / $20 per night non-members

Watercolor Painting for Beginners

Instructor: Doug Mock
Tuesdays, Feb 12 - Mar 19 (6 weeks), 6:15 - 8:45pm

Do you have the desire to paint in watercolor but don’t know where to start…then this is your chance!  Artists will learn about supplies, beginning techniques, choosing subject matter and achieving results that are sure to please.  Open your mind, prepare to learn, have some fun, and enjoy the beauty of all that watercolor has to offer.  This course is for the true beginner.  Double the fun and invite a friend; this will be a great learning opportunity.
A key to success with watercolor is having the best supplies an artist can afford.  If you have watercolor supplies that might work please feel free to bring them to the first class.  If you need supplies then Doug will have a good beginner set available for $55.
12 Students only
$225 Members / $255 Non-Members
Detailed supply list to come

Drawing: The Next Step Beyond Beginner 

Instructor: Cate Kauffman
Fridays – Mar 8, 15, 22, 29, 10am – 3pm
In this 4-week class, we will expand upon basic drawing techniques and skill sets to include introduction to various compositional ideas, introduction to pen and ink drawing, drawing with a brush, drawing with straight lines, value studies, contour drawing, drawing negative spaces, sight measuring tools and how to use them, sight/size drawing, and perspective techniques. Each session will cover one or two techniques, tools, or system. Some experience with basic drawing is strongly recommended. Paper and measuring tools will be provided by the instructor. Some practice between sessions is expected. Class size is limited to 6. 
Materials: Students should bring a #2 drawing pencil or graphite pencil, a kneaded eraser, one or two permanent ink pens (suggested: Uni-ball Vision pen, or Roting Tikky Graphic pen and/or a fountain pen with permanent ink), #2 soft round brush, bottle of India or permanent Ink, Willow Charcoal sticks, 18” or 36” metal ruler, a large drawing board, roll of masking tape, roll of paper towels, sketchbook. A separate note pad for notes if desired. The instructor has a limited number of easels and large drawing boards available, please contact her two weeks in advance if you cannot bring one yourself. 
Members  $160 / Non-Members  $180

Altering Images:  Photographic Transfers for Painting, Printmaking, and Collage

Instructor: Blythe King
Saturday,  March 30 - 10am-4pm
Image transfer provides artists with the option to create photographic images without the use of a camera. The image transfer process produces a transparent image that allows for the visibility of multiple collaged layers within a single work of art all at once. Learn this process to transform copies of photographs, as well as drawings, images and text from magazines and books into transparent layers within your art. This workshop offers an introduction to a variety of methods of using safe, non-toxic adhesives to manually transfer images, with a focus on contrast, composition, and repurposing materials. After learning this new skill, continue to experiment with combining various media, source material, and collage techniques to create multidimensional, layered works of art. Work on a variety of surfaces, including fabric, paper, and wood. Participants may bring their own source material and imagery including magazines, photographs, laser copies of photographs, etc. (optional). I will bring a variety for everyone to work with. There is no size limitation. Participants may choose to bring their own substrates, too, including mat board, illustration board, watercolor paper, wood, etc. I will have some of these available, too. Open to all levels of experience.
VMFA sponsored.
Members: $65 / Non-Members: $75

Traditional 6” Nantucket Basket 

Instructor: Judy Penry
Tuesdays – Apr 2 and 9, 10am – 4pm
The students will make a 6” Nantucket Basket from start to finish! 
We will be weaving on a wooden mold. A cherry base will be attached to a wooden mold. The staves will be tapered and inserted into the base. Weaving will begin in class and completed as homework.
The basket will be completed in the second class. The rim will be made and attached with e-pins. The rim will be lashed, and a cherry handle applied.
Nantucket skills and techniques will be learned and reviewed in class.
Everyone will go home the proud owner of their own Nantucket Basket! 
Making the basket is not difficult but one needs to have patience and pay attention to details.
Beginners are welcome!
This is a repeat class from a couple of years ago. If a student took the class before and would like to try something a little different, give Judy a call and the possibilities can be discussed. (804-453-3013)
Materials fee: $45 payable to instructor
Members  $100 / Non-Members  $120

Introduction to Felted Jewelry

Instructor:  Shelley Jones
Saturday and Sunday, April 6 & 7, 11am - 4pm
Learn to make attractive and lightweight felted wool brooches and bangles using a wet-felting technique. Experiment with various ways of adding attachments to a basic shape with hand manipulation of the wool fibers. Imaginative use of color, texture and contour will be encouraged. We will also explore embellishing techniques with hand stitching, beads and sequins. You will need to get your hands wet and soapy and be able to manipulate the wool. This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned felters. 
Please bring two old towels, bath and hand. All other tools will be provided.
Materials Fee:  $15 payable to instructor 
Members: $140 / Non-Members: $160

Watercolor Painting for the Intermediate/Advanced Artist

Instructor: Doug Mock
Thursdays, Apr 25 - May 30, 2 – 4:30pm
This exciting class is designed for the artist that has experience, knowledge and confidence with the watercolor medium. Working from your own reference materials artists will learn to use a variety of tools, techniques and skills necessary to make improvements to each painting.  We will study the organization of shapes, use of design elements and create thumbnail sketches to insure effective composition.  We will discuss the importance of planning for and executing paintings that take advantage of color, bold brush strokes and new approaches to bring each painting to life.  Individual attention will be provided to each student. Come join the fun!
Members  $225 / Non-Members  $255

Jewelry Making for Beginners / Intermediates

Instructor: Sue Broadway
Monday and Tuesday – Apr 29 and 30, 10am – 3pm
This class will be a lot of fun…and you learn many exciting techniques to mix beads and stones as you design your very own “one of a kind” necklace, earrings and bracelet.
Class will be held at instructor’s home
Materials fee:  $20 payable to instructor
Members  $90 / Non-Members  $110

Beginning Drawing

Instructor: Brenda M. Sylvia
Wednesday nights, May 1, 8, 15, and 22nd 6:30 to 8:30PM
“Drawing is vision on paper.” Andrew Loomis
No matter what medium you ultimately fall in love with, one of the basic skills every artist needs is the ability to draw. Even the most experienced painters can find it beneficial to work on their drawing skills. This class will not only help you develop your technical drawing skills but it will also improve your observational skills. We will begin the workshop learning the basics such as mark making, value, and creating form with using graphite pencils. Our exercises will include creating contour drawings, gesture drawings, and texture in your drawings. We will learn about composition, positive/negative space, perspective and proportions. As your skill increases we will experiment using more expressive lines within your drawings. Later on we will progress to trying out other drawing mediums such as pen and charcoal. You are encouraged to have a sketchbook for completing small homework assignments between classes. Brenda will provide a basic materials list and will supply some of the media we will try out in the later sessions. Artists are requested to arrive 15 minutes early for set up.
Members $140 / Non-Members $150

Oil Painting for Beginners

Cate Kauffman, Instructor
May 17 & 18: 10 am – 3 pm
Maximum 6 students. Minimum 2 students
Oil painting is often considered to be both the “ultimate” way to paint and seems mysterious and incredibly messy. This beginner’s class will introduce you to basic techniques that will help you get off on the right foot and give you the opportunity to experience these wonderful paints without a lot of expense or struggle. Oils are both forgiving and challenging but are loved by many artists.
This beginner’s class will introduce you to the basic techniques of oil painting using the safest oil products on the market today. There are real oil paints, not water-soluble oils (which are a different product and require different materials and handling). 
On Day 1 we will cover the differences between painting surfaces, differences in different oil paint companies, toxic vs non-toxic paints and solvents, different kinds of oil brushes. We will discuss and demonstrate, and practice the difference between glazing and impasto painting, using a palette knife and how to stain your surface and why, terms like “fat over lean”,  and how to get your composition blocked out quickly. We will learn how to clean and store your brushes properly. 
On Day 2 we will cover the differences in mediums available, color mixing, and students will have the opportunity to use their stained surfaces to paint an actual painting. We will discuss transporting your wet paintings and how to store your completed paintings as well as studio organization and safety tips.
Materials list is available at RAL art Center. 
Members $80 / Non Members $90

The Joy of Color with Acrylics

Instructor: Brenda M. Sylvia 
June 6 and 7th, Thursday and Friday, 2019 9:30 to 3:30 (with an hour lunch break at noon) 
“Color is the place when our brain and the universe meet.” Paul Klee
This class is not strictly a color theory class and is open to all levels. Its about having fun with paint! If already paint, you will learn how to use and enjoy more vibrant color in your paintings. In the workshop, I will instruct about color intensity, complimentary colors, and warm versus cool colors to name a few. We will be working from colorful still life arrangements so we will also cover a bit of the basics of planning a composition and learning to be inspired by what you see. Color is an characteristic of human visual perception. In the real world, light creates the colors and forms we see. In our paintings, the colors and values we apply to the canvas create the light and form. In this two day workshop we will focus on the joys of painting with color. We all know color can create a mood and an emotional response in an artwork. In this workshop, we are going to focus on JOY, both in the workshop itself, and in the paintings we create.
Brenda will provide a supply list which will include some basic acrylic colors, brushes, and small canvases. She will provide some extra fun acrylic colors for use in the workshop.
Members $125 / Non-Members $140