Art Talks

Art Talks bring art history and appreciation to the Art Center. Many of the Forums bring expert staff from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to share the resources of the Museum. RAL is a community Partner with VMFA.
Art Talks are free and opened to the public. They are held at the RAL Art Center, 19 North Main Street in Kilmarnock.

Farmer to Artist:
An Unconventional Path to the founding of the RAL Art Center

Speaker:  Diane Crosby
Wednesday, August 7, 5 pm

The RAL Art Center is very pleased to present this fascinating Art Talk by the granddaughter of one of the Founding Members, especially in this, our 70th year!  Diane Crosby’s grandmother, Lois Jacobsen, moved to Lancaster County in 1926, establishing a successful farm, Chestnut Grove Farm, near Browns Store.  In 1949, Lois and two others decided to organize the Rappahannock Art League (RAL) to bring all things art to the remote and rural Northern Neck of Virginia. 

 Diane’s presentation will describe the historical context and backdrop of life in the Northern Neck during the twenties, thirties and forties, as featured in her grandmother’s published memoir.  She will talk about what the RAL looked like in 1949 and how this group of artists and art lovers, with little means but great passion, was able to bring the world of art to this small community.  The talk will include a visual presentation with photographs of people, art works and locations from the past.  Diane will also take questions from the audience.

Diane and her husband and daughter live in Alexandria where she has worked in international development.  Five years ago, they purchased a home in Lancaster so that they could spend as much time as possible at “the Rivah”.  Having grown up in Florida, Diane spent all of her childhood summers with her Grandmother Lois, serving as her very favorite art student.  Diane’s love of the area, of art and of her grandmother will be obviously illustrated in this very special Art Talk.  It will appeal to History and Art Lovers alike.  Refreshments will be served.  Don’t miss it!