Art Talks

Art Talks bring art history and appreciation to the Studio Gallery on the fourth Monday of each month from September through May. Many of the Forums bring expert staff from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to share the resources of the Museum. RAL is proud to be affiliated with VMFA as a statewide partner.

Next Art Talks, Monday, Oct 16, 1:00pm

RAL Has Talent: "6 X 6"

 Award of Excellence: Mangrove Sanctuary by Kathleen Noffsinger

RAL Has Talent” is a much anticipated Art Talk held once a year at the RAL Art Center. It features a demonstration or talk by one of RAL’s talented member artists. This year’s program, on Monday, October 16th at 1:00 pm, is especially exciting because it features six artist members in a creative challenge with six unrelated objects; thus the subtitle, “6 by 6”. 

The six artists who accepted the challenge are Mary Jo Beswick, Linda Lavigne Long, Johnny Hayes, Dianna Jamison, Hank Roden, and Barbara Touchette. The six objects given to then are a tea bag, a measuring tape, a plastic fork, a toy pony, a Twix candy bar and a leaf. The objects are identical but the six artists, with their own individual styles and mediums, are very different. Who knows what surprises await us? Come see their creations and hear about each artist’s individual approach to the “6 by 6” challenge.

Everyone is invited to attend this free Art Talk at the RAL Art Center, 19 North Main Street in Kilmarnock.