RAL Studio Gallery Guidelines

Types of work permitted.

  • The Studio Gallery accepts art in any visual media, including sculpture, jewelry, fine crafts, and photography as well as painting, collage and drawing. 
  • All art displayed in the Gallery must be for sale, except art in an occasional Exhibit Room retrospective or traveling exhibit.
  • All work displayed on the Studio Gallery walls and all displayed three-dimensional art must be originals, hand-pulled prints or numbered limited-edition photographs with the size of the edition clearly stated.
  • Photographers are expected to either make their own prints or to provide the printer with complete instructions for the finished image, preferably providing a finished image on disk.
  • Work done in workshops is discouraged for display.
  • Six (6) bin pieces per Artist are accepted as long as there is bin space available.
  • Reproductions, unframed originals and prints are allowed in the bins.
  • No duplicates of images are allowed in the bins simultaneously.
  • Bin pieces should be labeled with. the Artist's name, title, medium and price firmly affixed to the back. Copies must be plainly indicated as such and editions numbered (ex. 113 of 10).


  • Artists may display work only in the medium for which they were juried in. If they wish to hang work in more than one medium they must be juried for the additional medium separately.
  • Artists should change their walls at least every three months, preferably sooner.
  • All artists should hang their walls as attractively as possible, paying special attention to composition, color scheme and sufficient negative space.
  • Artists should also pay attention to how their walls complement the other artists' walls in the gallery, blending into an esthetic whole.
  • Art to be hung on the gallery walls must be suitably framed and ready for hanging, with wire and appropriate hardware. No sawtooth hangers, wet surfaces or exposed glass edges are allowed. Unframed canvases must have finished edges.
  • Matting and backing materials must be suitable for framed art - no corrugated or other cardboard backings and the materials touching the picture, at least, should be acid-free.
  • Pictures in the bins should be suitably matted and shrink-wrapped.
  • Photographs and prints in the bins may be un-matted but should be backed with suitable materials and shrink-wrapped.
  • Cards displayed in the card racks must be suitably protected in plastic or shrink-wrap.

Labeling and Inventory:

When a new work is brought into the Gallery for display, it must have the artist's name, the title of the piece, the price, and a brief resume' firmly attached to the back of a framed piece, or bottom or back of a three-dimensional piece.
Each work hanging on the walls must be accompanied by an identification card (the size of a business card) clearly printed with the title, Artist's name, medium, and price. If the work has won an award a discreet line indicating the show and the award is permitted on the price card as well. This card should be placed on the wall next to the picture, or at the base of a three-dimensional piece until it is replaced by Gallery staff with a card using the Gallery template. The artist will also fill out the Price Card Worksheet, kept in the Manager's office, with the required information.
The artist keeps his own gallery inventory on a consignment sheet in his consignment folder. This sheet must ~e kept up to date and accurate so that any questions or disputes can be quickly resolved.
If an artist wishes to change the price on any piece of art, completely new paper work must be filled out-no marked down prices are permitted.
Artists should furnish a bio and sample thumbnails of their work (two pages per artist) to be placed in our Gallery Artist Book for customer perusal.
Artists are encouraged to keep a supply of their business cards on the card racks in the lobby.

Special handling:

From time to time consigned art may be used for window displays. The windows are not UV filtered. Any artist wishing any or some pieces not to be displayed in the windows should so advise the Display Director.
Occasionally the Gallery has a special sale, discounting all consigned art. Adjustments are made in the commission to compensate for the adjusted discounted price.
The Gallery shall not permit any work to leave the Gallery's possession for the purpose of sale on approval for more than three days, and then only if holding a check or credit card number for the full amount, including tax. If the work has not been returned in three business days the check or credit card is processed and the purchase sent through the accounting system.