The Holiday Shop


Join in “The ART of a Handmade Holiday at the Rappahannock Art League Holiday Shop” by offering your work for sale!
There isn’t much time before the Holiday Shop opens, so finish making and gathering your items for sale. The Shop is open to all RAL members who would like to put their art, crafts, and handiwork in the shop. The Shop will run from November 15th through December 31st. There will be a 10% off sale for the last six days, December 26th - December 31st. Receiving will be Monday, November 14th, 10 – 12. Inventory sheets are available at the gallery. Prices under $100 are preferred and are better sellers. There will be a rack for winter and holiday cards and card size original art and a tree for ornaments. This year we will have interesting display areas that give us additional room. If you have any wooden boxes that will fit a top a table and are willing to lend them to the Holiday Shop, please contact Sue Ramsey, Helene Braattz or Rebecca Grow.