RAL Art Center’s 57th Annual Labor Day Show Winners


Happiness is……winning “Best in Show” at the 57th Annual Labor Day Show of the RAL Art Center. This show features paintings, photographs, sculpture, stained glass, clay, fiber, and jewelry, and is on display until Saturday, September 8.
An Awards Ceremony was held at the RAL Art Center for the participating artists on Friday, August 31. Ron Mihills was MC for the event; and Harold Burnley, President of RAL, presented a visual presentation of the winners. Emma Lou Martin of Richmond judged the 120 piece show and presented the following awards:
Best in Show was awarded to - Up the Creek at Tangier Island by Patty Cunningham. Ms Martin said that this perfectly executed acrylic had it all…perfect perspective, great values, superb color mixes, and an odd number of subjects interestingly arranged. 

Five Memorial Awards were given in honor of past artists and a past Executive Board Member of the RAL. They included: 
Sharon Mundy Memorial Award (Best Use of Media) to
Wende Szyperski, “Plucky Patrol”
Don Kennedy Memorial Award (Most Creative Use of Color) to
Mary Ellis, “Turkey Hunter”
Jane Stouffer Memorial Award (Traditional) to: Elizabeth Lee,
“Simple Pleasures II”
Anne Hayes Memorial Award (Excellence Overall) to
Ron Taylor, “Out on a Limb”
James Hazel Memorial Award (Excellence in Watercolor) to
Bob Haynes, “Reflection”

Blue ribbons went to: 
Anne Cotter, “Jeopardy”
Barbara Brecher, “Color Pop”
Patty Richards, “Untitled”
Maggie Gilman,
“Girl with the Flower Tattoo”
Sarah Soderlund, 
“Drawn and Quartered”

Red ribbons went to:
Gail Weyant, “Blue Lady”
Jan Dobrowolski, “FlimFlam Man”
Barney Harris, “Sunset Flight’
Carol Sennot, “Hippocampus”
Cheryl Mihills, “Glow”

Yellow ribbons went to:
Ed Ramsey, “School of Fish”
Barbara Touchette, “Cubic I”
David Zuck, “Joys of  Water & Light”
Herb Aman, “Daddy’s Girl”
Brenda Sylvia, “Snapping Turtle”

White ribbons went to:
Mel Neale, “Somewhere Else”
Sharon Sylvia, “Eyes of Gold”
Marianne Miller, “Untitled”
Jacquie Colligan, “Embers”
CarolAnne Taylor, 
“Sunset in the City”
Barbara Kershner, “Balancing Act”
Buzz Burhenn, 
“Smoky Morning Bethlehem Steel”

Patty Richards, Labor Day Chairman, reported that a First Friday’s Reception for the Annual Labor Day Show is scheduled for Friday, September 7 from 5 to 7 PM. The public is invited to view art and the awards through September 8. 

Winners of the Beauty in Bloom Exhibit 

Tommy Fox with his artwork "Risen"

Tommy Fox with his artwork "Risen"

Beauty in Bloom, the April exhibit at the Rappahannock Art League, and Arts and Flowers, floral arrangements by local garden club members, provided a vibrant spring theme for the First Friday event on April 7. And adding to the enjoyment of the evening were the announcements of the winners of the Beauty in Bloom entries.

Tommy Fox won first place with Risen, his layered panels painted with oil. Sandra Manning, Lancaster art teacher, said of his work, “You experience a juxtaposition of the space as you look at what seems to be an eye-level view and bird’s-eye view simultaneously. I found myself in deep though and reflection as I spent time with this individual piece. It moved me visually and spiritually.”

Second place went to Sukey Starkey for her mosaic, China Flowers, of floral cups, saucers, shards, mirrors and ribbon. Manning “was aware of the diversity represented in this piece as I found many more symbols of beauty in the pieces selected for this bouquet.”

Third place went to a metal and stone sculpture entitled Mysterium by Ron Taylor. “I found impressions emerging: ‘some beauty comes through fire and the anvil,’ like a fountain from a rock, the pink arises above the center and shouts in contrast to the orange and copper elements beneath it,” said Manning.

Honorable mentions went to But Cereusly by Linda Bruner; In Bloom by Dorothy Duke; Lella Lee Edward’s Rose; Azaleas by Bob Haynes; Diana Jamison’s Poppy; and Magnolia by Laura Wilson.

Places Near & Far is the Theme at RAL’s March Exhibit

Judge, Marilyn Sprouse, with winning photograph

Judge, Marilyn Sprouse, with winning photograph

Kathleen Petersen’s photograph of a Bermudian church, entitled Peaceful Reflections, won first place in the Rappahannock Art league’s March exhibit, Places Near and Far. It met all of criteria Judge Marilyn Sprouse, LMS art instructor, used to judge the 49 pieces entered in the exhibit. These criteria were: translation of theme to the viewer, how the theme is creatively portrayed, attributes of composition, and overall impression.

Ms. Sprouse said of Petersen’s work that “literal perspective, distinctive color, depth from the perspective, shape, and overall composition continue provoking the viewer long past the first glimpse.” Agnes Carter won second place with her acrylic painting, We’re Here, and Karen William’s oil, Slovakian Rooftops, won third.

Honorable mentions were awarded to Lewis Edgell, Mary Ellis, Tommy Fox, Catherine Kauffman, Ron Taylor, and Gail Weyant.

The exhibit will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays at the Studio Gallery through April 1st and is open to the public, with all pieces for sale. The Gallery is at 19 N. Main St., Kilmarnock.

Winners of the Hot and Cold Exhibit

Hot & Cold by Harold Burnley

Hot & Cold by Harold Burnley

Hot and Cold was the theme for the February exhibit at the Studio Gallery and it demonstrated how many ways an artist can interpret that theme. Shauna McCrainie, Gifted and Talented Coordinator and former art teacher at Northumberland County schools, was the judge of the exhibit.

Harold Burnley’s photo on aluminum, Fire and Ice, won first place. Second place was won by Ron Taylor for his acrylic painting, Fire and Ice #2. Maribeth Memmo won third with her watercolor entitled Tea Cup/Cup of Tea that incorporated tea leaves into the piece.

Honorable Mentions were awarded to Mary Ellis for her acrylic, Modern Plumbing; to Jan Dobrowolski for her Amber and Ice Earrings; to Ron Smith for his acrylic $98.6 °; to Ann Vliet for Urgent Visit, an acrylic painting; and Trainor for his photograph, Fire and Ice #4.

Cate Kauffman’s Painting is the People’s Favorite at RAL

The winners of the January exhibit, You Be the Judge, at the Studio Gallery will be on exhibit through the month of February.  Come in and see if your choice was one of the winners.  

Cate Kauffman’s charming painting, Baby Carrots, was the first place winner, the people’s favorite of the many pieces on exhibit.  Mel Neale’s painting, Deep Woods Winter, was second and Ron Taylor’s whimsical sculpture, Rock On! was third.  Honorable mention was given to Sheryl Rembisz for her painting, Girls Night Out.


RAL’s Kaleidoscope Exhibit Winners

The Studio Gallery was a riot of color at the April First Friday celebration at the Rappahannock Art League as awards were made for the current exhibit – Kaleidoscope. In addition to the extremely colorful artwork, many attendees dressed just as colorfully. The judge, Sandy Manning, art teacher from Lancaster High School, commented that the room was “filled with thousands of hours of creative thought and practice. These pieces all brought a measure of celebration to me as I studied them and considered the heart that was speaking through each work.”

For the second time in so many months, Jan Dobrowolski won first place with her necklace, Merry Go Round, described by the judge as “demonstrating the theme for this show with abstracted shapes and a variety of intense colors. Second place was awarded to Mary Ellis for her acrylic, Make Mine Vertical and to Martha Gilbert’s fiber art, Circle 5.

Third place went to Kathleen Peterson for her photo, Make My Ride Joyful, and to Diana Jamison for her acrylic Inspired By Asimov’s.

Honorable Mentions were awarded to Linda Bruner for her acrylic Lively Drug; Mary Ellis’ acrylic Just Hangin’ Around; Maggie Gilman for her photo Kaleidoscope Inside; Carol Hammer for her photo Vauvenargues Vase; Ron Smith’s photo improv, Autumn Olive II; and Kay Vincent for her stained glass Kaleidoscope Pinwheel and Purple Stained Glass.

Jan Dobrowolski is RAL Close Connections Winner

Close Connections was the March exhibit at the Rappahannock Art League’s Studio Gallery.  “A heartfelt offering of original creations utilizing a wide range of media, Close Connections presents the audience with a glimpse into the personal life of the artist and their most cherished possessions,” said judge Steph Brown.  Ms. Brown is a well-known artist and instructor in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula.

First place went to a necklace, Corrotoman Connections 2, by Jan Dobrowolski.  The necklace is made of deerhide, driftwood, pearl, river stone and silver.  It is an “impeccable execution of technique and impressive combination of textures; feeling old and new all at once.  Exceptional attention to detail makes this piece ‘wearable perfection’”, commented Ms. Brown.

Hydrangeas from Grandmother’s Garden, an oil painting by Elizabeth Lee, won a second place as did Sara Soderland’s watercolor, Uppity Puppy Camp.  Third place was awarded to Henry, a watercolor by Patty Richards, and Between You and Me and the Gatepost, a photograph by Ron Smith.

Honorable Mentions were awarded to Mary Ellis’ photograph, Connecting Basics with Digital Photography; an oil by Tommy Fox, Sundown Clerestory;  Lulu, a graphite drawing by Barbara Kershner; Blowing Kisses, a graphite drawing by Martha Anne King;  Me – The Dark Side, a watercolor by Mel Neale; Pipers, a mosaic by Sukey Starkey; and Turtle Tracker, a photograph by Ann Vliet.

Neale is RAL Shades of Gray Winner

Shades of Gray with a Touch of Color was the Rappahannock Art League’s February exhibit at the Studio Gallery. The exhibit was judged by Shauna McCranie, the Gifted and Talented Students Coordinator for Northumberland County and former art teacher. Ms. McCranie chose Mel Neale’s watercolor painting, Dorothy’s Dolly in Tommy’s Chair, as the first place winner.

Mary Jo Beswick’s mixed media painting, What’s that Smell, and Harold Burnley’s photograph, Florida Pelican, won second place. Third place went to Barbara Brecher for her felt piece, Felted Bowl, and to Tommy Fox for his pen and ink drawing, Visit from the Cigarette Fairy.

Honorable mentions went to Mary Ellis for her acrylic painting, What Did They Say?; Johnny Hayes for Gray Still Life, an acrylic painting; Mary Beth Memmo for her acrylic painting, Undulation; Barack, an acrylic painting by Patty Richards; and to Carol Anne Taylor for her photo, Herb Garden at Rest.

Goldstein is “Consider the Oyster” Art Winner

Linda Goldstein

Linda Goldstein

"Appreciating the oyster as a theme was innovative and a simple, universal and regional connection for all the works. Viewers will be pleased at the new and traditional ways the oyster has been addressed.” This was one of the comments from Ellie Cox, award-winning watercolor artist from Richmond, who judged the Rappahannock Art League’s new show, “Consider the Oyster”.

Linda Goldstein was the First Place winner with her mixed media piece, Mother of Pearl. Cox said her piece “splendidly engages the eye, has good composition, color and its simple and well-painted treatment of an oyster distinguishes the piece. Extension of the painting to the mat is a delightful surprise. “

Second Place went to Marie Armstrong for her acrylic, Conchology, and to Lella Lee Edwards’ mixed media piece Where Oysters Can Hide.

Third Place went to Who Let the Pearls Out, a mixed media piece by Linda Bruner; to Pearl, a watercolor and collage piece by Martha Anne King; and to Sue Ramsey for her watercolor Oyster House Recycled.

Honorable Mentions went to Herb Aman for his digital photo Dead Tired; Jacquie Colligan for her fine silver jewelry, Rappahannock Oyster Shell with Blue Pearl; Mel Neale for her graphite, Weems Division; and to Sukey Starkey for her mosaic, All about the Oyster.