Photography Exhibit - Oct. 1 through Oct. 26

Calling all amateur photographers.  Is it your time to shine?  You’ve got them, you know you do … GREAT SHOTS!  Pictures of birds, the water, sunsets, your grandkids all hiding in digital reality.  No matter the subject, isn’t it time for you to share your work?  How about getting it out of hiding.

You can hang your photos on the RAL Art Center Exhibit Room wall with the pros.  It’ll be fun to see your work in the gallery and to hear the flattering comments from the visitors.  Flattery sounds pleasant but perhaps you’re a little less keen on the judging part of the event?  Not to fear.  This is a friendly exhibit.  Besides, a critique is a great way to identify places where you can improve.  Perhaps you’ll get some helpful tips from the judge, the pros, or your fellow amateurs. 

The exhibit is open to all RAL members. Check the website or stop by the gallery for details about how to participate in the show. Take the leap, the net will appear.  No preregistration needed. Receiving of photos for the Show is Monday, September 30, 10 am to 12 noon. $15 entry fee for one piece, an extra $5 for a second or third. A real bargain!